Old Hall Junior School

Old HallJunior School

Children as Leaders

With the democratic values of Great Britain strongly in mind, the children at Old Hall Junior School have many opportunities to represent their fellow pupils and take on leadership roles.

Alongside the jobs in and out of the classroom, there are other voluntary positions that children take:

School Council

Each of the eight classes in school elects a girl and boy to be their class representatives on the School Council. These children then meet with adults in the school to discuss new ideas and changes to how the school works. They occasionally speak in assemblies to share what has happened in their meetings.


BFT Group

The BFT (Bringing Friends Together) group has been established as part of our school’s commitment to anti-bullying. With guidance from Miss Thomas, the children in this group spend time actively finding ways to help improve the well-being of pupils in the school and promote positive relationships.

Click here for a look at what we have been up to so far this year!

Take a look at the news page and click on 'Celebrating Friendship Week 2015' to see more about what we did as part of Friendship Week. We had a great time and really raised the awareness of friendship in school. 

Bringing Friends Together (BFT’s)  

What we have done so far:

  • Added new anti-bullying/mindset posters added around school
  • Created a new display in hall with new hanging discs to represent this year’s BFTs
  • Year 3's added apples to the friendship tree in the school hall to share how they will be a good friend
  • Redecorated worry boxes in each class – these are collected each BFT meeting and the worries are discussed and fed back to their class
  • Created a new screen saver which is displayed in all classrooms with positive learning and anti-bullying messages
  • We hold regular (weekly) meetings to keep up to date with what’s happening
  • Held a friendship week – a week filled with friendship learning
  • Had Friendship Friday where children wore bright coloured tops and took part in friendship activities
  • BFTs have spoken in assemblies and held their own assembly
  • Created a rota for BFTs to be on playground duties
  • Bought tabards to wear during play times so that people know who the BFT’s are if they need them
  • Painted and created a friendship bench in the playground
  • Carried out a friendship survey – very positive. Quotes below.
  • Open door service, where children can knock on Miss Thomas’s door any lunch time if they have any friendship issues which they wish to discuss.
  • Friendship activities took place in all classes during friendship week
  • Old Hall website updated with friendship links and information about the BFTs.
  • BFT meeting minutes recorded for each session

We are the BFTs PowerPoint

Results from the Friendship Survey 2017 showed that:

98% of children strongly agree or agree that Old Hall is a friendly place. (4 children disagreed)

97% of children strongly agree or agree that Old Hall is a happy place.

88% of children strongly agree or agree that Old Hall is a bully-free place.

99.6% of children strongly agree or agree that they feel safe in school. (1 child disagreed)

98% of children strongly agree or agree that they feel safe on the Internet.

98% of children strongly agree or agree that they would know what to do if someone was mean to them at school.

98% of children strongly agree or agree that they would know what to do if they saw something that made them feel uncomfortable on the internet.

90% of children said their friends treat them how they’d like to be treated.

85% of children said that it was helpful having the BFTs in school.


Some comments about Friendship made by the children:

Old Hall is a friendly and happy place.

I think Old Hall is very happy and we very rarely have serious arguments.

Old Hall is the happiest school I’ve been to. It is a very safe school and I trust all the adults. Everyone is so friendly even the people that I don’t know.

I think Old Hall is a bully free place and a very safe place to be. If I saw someone being mean, I would tell a BFT – all of the BFTs help people if they need to.

I have been here for four years and I think it’s a friendly place.

I don’t think anyone gets bullied although friends do sometimes have arguments.

In our school, the teachers are very helpful.

The BFTs make problems better.

I feel safe here and I have lots of friends to help me through my problems, I am very happy here!

My friends are very kind and supportive towards me and are nice to be around.


Mini-Leaders and Young Ambassadors

Having been trained to lead mini games activities, some of our Year 6 pupils generously take time out of their lunch break to give opportunities to others. Mini-Leaders organise and lead quick games, including target games and mini football. The chance to be in a teaching role is a really positive move and the children enjoy the chance to take responsibility.

If you become a Bronze Ambassador, responsibilities in school increase a little further to include running assemblies.

Learn more about Bronze Ambassadors. Ppt. Here

Bronze Young Ambassador - Training.  Click here for details of the training our Bronze Young Ambassadors have undertaken this year.

Bronze Young Ambassadors Orienteering.  Click here to view photos.

Mini Leaders - click here to find out all about the exciting things they do in school.

Mini Leaders Presentation - Click here to view the January 2017 assembly presentation.

Boccia Competition 2016 - click here for further details

Playground Challenge 2016 - click here for further details



Peer Mediators

Younger pupils can look to Peer Mediators for help and support at break times. A role for older children in the school, the Peer Mediators can be a first contact for helping to resolve minor friendship issues and disagreements during break and lunch times. It is a very responsible role for which our Year 6 volunteers are trained.

Safety Travel Ambassadors

We have four Road Safety and Travel Ambassadors in school.  They have taken part in training and workshops which include:-

  • Be bright, be seen.
  • Cycling and pedestrian skills
  • Safety on holiday
  • Mapping - park and stride and cycling and walking routes.

Their role is to help promote road safety and travel schemes in school, ie encouraging children and staff to walk, cycle or scoot to school.  With the support of Mrs Bates (Teaching Assistant and Mini-Leaders Coordinator), the children undertake surveys in conjunction with Mode Shift Stars.