Old Hall Junior School

Old HallJunior School

Our School Day

Two of our Year 6 pupils volunteered to independently write a description of our school day.


We have a Maths and a English lesson every day. We also have PE and Computing lessons twice a week. As well as this, we have guided reading, when we do different activities every day, four times per week. Furthermore, we have a mix of other lessons every day such as: Science, History and Geography (topic), Art, French, PSHE and RE.

Out of the Classroom

At our school, we have a 15 minute break after the first lesson and a 15 minute assembly after the second lesson. However, on Friday we have a 30 minute assembly. We always have an hour at lunchtime to eat and play. Each class is brought in at different times depending on which stage we are in the weekly rota. Every child can choose, to bring in a healthy snack for break every day except on Friday when they can bring in an unhealthy snack but it must be a suitable size. In addition, on Fridays we have a special break called Respect Time, in which children can choose an activity to do for half an hour if they have earned it.

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Thanks to our pupils for writing this description.