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Year 3


Hello from the staff in Year 3 
We would like to take this opportunity to say hello and a big welcome to the year group.We have lots of exciting things planned for the year and hope your children will share these experiences with you on a regular basis.


The Year 3 Team
Our Teachers
Mrs C Goodwin Mrs J Greco Mrs C Hill


Our Teaching Assistants

Mrs R Keable Mrs M Hoole


PPA Teachers


Our PPA teachers replace class teachers for half a day each week.


Miss S Scarborough Mrs R Homan



Our Learning This Year

Let's Explore




Geography focus

Why is Derbyshire a great place to live? 


In this term we will explore the area around us and the interesting places and people within it. We'll have a trip to the Town Hall and Crooked Spire and learn about where the Bakewell Tart came from! We will take a closer look at mountains and hills and discover more about the Peak District.

Let's Discover




History focus

What can we learn from the past? 


Looking back in time, we will travel right back to the Stone age and work our way through Bronze and Iron right up to the Roman invasions. We'll learn about how people lived and developed through the ages and discover the amazing myths and legends of the Roman Empire!

Let's Create




Art and DT focus

How can we care for our planet?


In the summer term we will look at the importance of caring for the plants and animals of our planet whilst creating fantastic works of art and developing our design and technology skills. We will learn about lots of different artists and how they have influenced not only the artistic world but also help to look after the wonderful place we live at the same time. 


Links for Year 3 Learning


Let's Explore




Discover the world at your fingertips on the National Geographic website.



Let's explore the continents and countries of the world.
Take on the features of the world.



Let's Discover The Stone Age and The Romans

Mary Anning



Family Life in Neolithic Times

Boudicca and the Roman Invasion




The Prehistoric Age





Ancient Rome




Roman Empire  




   The Stone Age



The Stone Age  



Let's be Mathematicians
























Let's improve our English skills













Let's be Scientists 



Seeds and seed dispersal

Learn about the parts of a plant.
Play a game or learn something new with the science of BBC Bitesize.
Take a look at lots of different scientific ideas.



Let's Celebrate Art




Explore some paintings from one of England's most famous galleries.




Discover the work of Andy Goldsworthy - an artist who uses the nature around him.




Is art old or new? Modern or ancient? At the Tate gallery, the artists and ideas are unique and modern.

Get creative with this activity from Tate Modern Art museum.


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Weekly Overview
Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri
PE  PE  Homework due Homework set
Spelling test
Tables test




Please ensure your full P.E. is in school on these days. This includes the following: a t-shirt, shorts and plimsolls. During the winter months, it is advisable to have a track suit and trainers as P.E. sometimes takes place outdoors.




Children will received homework every Friday which includes the following:

spellings, times tables practise, mental arithmetic and reading.


Spelling and times tables tests take place every Friday.


Times Tables


The expectation in Y3 is that the children will be fluent in their recall of the 2,3,4,5,8, 9 and 10 times tables facts up to 12 x and the corresponding division facts. Obviously, this is easier for some children than others so regular practice is of great benefit (‘Little and Often’). There are lots of different ways of learning, including signing, singing and web-based games. There are some suggestions in the Links for Learning section above.




If you ever wish to speak to your child’s class teacher, you can usually catch us before or after school or you can make an appointment via the school office to meet with us at another more convenient time.