Old Hall Junior School

Old HallJunior School

Year 4

There are two Year Four classes at Old Hall. Miss Shaw teaches 4S and Mrs Unsworth and Mr Lawrence teach 4UL.


Safer Internet Day - 11th February 2020

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100 Books to Read in Years 3 and 4

Have a look through the book list, how many can you read?

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Greek Salad Recipe

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USEFUL MATHS VIDEOS (produced by Old Hall Junior School)

Adding 100 to a 3 digit number       4 digit divided by 2 digit number
1 decimal place + 2 decimal place       3 digit divided by 1 digit
4 digit + 4 digit       4 digit divided by 1 digit
4 digit + 3 digit number       4d divided by 2d
1 decimal place + 1 decimal place numbers        
5 digit subtract 3 digit       Fraction + fraction = answer greater than 1
2dig with 1dp subtract 1dig with 2dp       Subtracting fractions with same denominator
Whole number (integer) subtract 2 dp number        Integer x mixed number
6 digit subtract 5 digit       Adding fractions with the same denominator
        Fraction divided by integer
        Mixed number subtract fraction (different denominators)
        Fraction x Fraction
2 digit x 1 digit        
2 digit x 2 digit       BODMAS
3 digit number x 100       Finding a multiple of 10%
2 digit divided by 1 digit number       Finding 5% and multiples of 5%
Finding 10% and multiples of 10%        
fraction divided by integer        
1 digit x 1 digit x 1 digit        
Squaring numbers        
2 decimal places x 1 digit number        
Mixed number subtract fraction different denominators        
2 decimal place number x 100        
2 digit x 1 digit number        
Doubling a 3 digit number        
3digit x 2digit