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Year 4


Hello and welcome to the Year 4 page.

We hope that this area gives both children and parents an idea of what brilliant things we learn in year 4.  We have lots of immersive topics, which will teach us plenty of new knowledge along with hands-on activities, which will make our learning fun and memorable. 


The Year 4 Team
Our Year 4 Teachers
Mr M Zacharkiewicz (4Z) Mrs V Unsworth (4UL) Mr S Lawrence (4UL)


Our Year 4 Teaching Assistants
Mrs R Keable Mr A Hopkinson Miss H Lowndes


PPA Teachers


Our PPA teachers replace class teachers for half a day each week. 

Miss S Scarborough Mrs R Homan



Our Learning in Year 4

Let's Explore




Geography focus

What are the Natural Wonders of the Mediterranean 


A geography-based topic studying the location and characteristics of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, focusing on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the story of Pompeii, learning about volcanoes and leading into a study of earthquakes around the world. 


Let's Discover




History focus

Who Invaded Britain?


A history-based topic studying the Celts, Picts, Scots, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Viking invasions, the characteristics of each tribe and major invasion events such as the importance of Lindisfarne and the Battle of Hastings. 

Let's Create




Science focus

Why do animals need different

habitats from humans? 


A science based topic studying animals and their habitats, taking habitat samples, learning about the similarities and differences of habitats around the world, considering ways in which humans can be harmful to those habitats as well as creating ways of enhancing the animal habitats within our school grounds. 



Links for Year 4 Learning


Let's Explore the Mediterranean and its Features 



Learn about the location of the world's seas and oceans.



Do you know what disaster befell Pompei in Italy?  


Take the chance to learn about volcanoes with this video and info. page.
Test yourself and learn the countries of Europe.
Take the chance to learn about earthquakes.



Let's Discover the Invaders of Britain


A video introduction to British Invaders
A video summary of the groups of tribes who invaded and settled in the United Kingdom. 
Learn about the Anglo-Saxons. Watch the related video clips. 
Learn about the Vikings. Watch the related video clips. 
Find online history quizzes relating to the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. 

Famous Viking research websites: 


10 of the Most Important Vikings | History Hit

6 Viking Leaders You Should Know - HISTORY

Twelve Great Viking Leaders - World History Encyclopedia (ancient.eu)

9 of the Most Important Viking Leaders - History Lists


Let's be Scientific - Living Things

Learn more about Food Chains and Habitats. Watch related videos. 
Do you know the difference between mammals, reptiles, insects and birds and other forms of life? 
Can you use a classification key?  Sort these creatures by answering questions about their appearance. 
Design and make a garden that’s the perfect habitat for minibeasts, bugs and other creepy crawlies. 



Let's be Scientific - All Sorts


A mix of mini science activities. You could start with the 'Changing Materials' activity.
Lots of information screens and clips to improve your understanding of sound.

Test your knowledge of Electricity with this quiz.


Can you remember the different types of teeth?  Do you know where they sit in your mouth?  Play this game to check.  Then follow the food through your digestive system – urghh!



Which of these Water cycle songs and videos do you prefer? 1   ,  23



Let's be Mathematicians









Let's Create


Practise your coding and programming skills with Scratch online.
Follow the tutorial to improve your skills at drawing a human portrait.




Let's improve our English skills




Weekly Overview
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
PE Spelling test PE
Times-tables test RESPECT time
Homework due Homework set



Please be sure that full PE kits are in school on Wednesday and Friday.



On Monday we’ll look at our weekly spelling words as a class, gather together any hints and tips, ready for our test later in the week (Thursday).



On Friday the following homework is set:

- a Maths homework sheet (marked the following Thursday)

- a times tables challenge

- a short list of related spellings 


Although children will be reminded to bring homework home, it remains their responsibility to do so and to return with it on Thursday.



On Friday afternoon, children having had fewer than 2 behaviour warnings will gain 30 minutes of free time today, choosing to watch a film, draw, play with ‘wet-play’ toys or play outdoors (weather permitting).

Wider Opportunities - Music - (Thursday)


One class will be visited by our Wider Opportunities Music Teacher – Helen.

This year we are learning to play and perform the steel-pan drums


Year 4 Trips
In year 4, children will be given the opportunity to take part in an overnight residential.  Staying at YHA Castleton for 1 night, the residential visit links to our work on Invaders & Settlers.  The children not only experience being away from home and having to take responsibility for their belongings, they participate in activities which can’t be recreated at school, such as being a Roman army, building siege engines and dressing up in authentic costume.


Year 4 Tests
In Year 4, children are expected to take the Multiplication Tables Check, an online test, set by the government for all 8-9year olds. The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently, which is essential for future success in mathematics. Further information can be found here or via this video     


Other tests are for in-school assessment only and include the use of Puma, Pira and NFER resources to assess children’s progress in Maths, Reading, Grammar and Spelling each term. 


Wider Opportunities

In Year 4, children have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument as a whole class experience.  For 15 weeks, a specialist teacher will deliver an inspiring music programme based on singing, rhythm patterns and learning to play and perform a particular instrument.  This year we have learnt the Steel-Pan drums.  On completion of the course, the children will put together a performance for the school and their parents. 


In Year 4, children have the opportunity to be part of the Christmas Performance.  Choosing to have a speaking role, be a dancer or a musician, all roles bring with it a sense of responsibility in order to deliver a memorable performance for the school and their parents. 


Each class will also deliver a class assembly, showcasing the work which the children have undertaken in class and are most proud of. 


We also encourage Year 4 to take part in our WOW! Days which enhance our topics.  In the Autumn Term, we travel to the Mediterranean region for our Mediterranean Day, coming dressed in our Mediterranean clothing, tasting Mediterranean food and learning some Greek dancing.  We also go on a Virtual visit to the ruins of Pompeii and climb to the top of Mount Vesuvius. In the Spring Term, it’s our Invader’s Day, when the playground becomes overrun with a plethora of Romans, Saxons and Vikings – usually fully equipped with weapons. Both of these days include the sharing of our home-school projects – a Mediterranean postcard and a piece of writing and artwork inspired by a famous Roman, Anglo-Saxon or Viking. 



Each academic term has opportunities for parent/teacher communications:


AUTUMN TERM – November Parent Consultations - Early evening meetings lasting 10 minutes, to discuss how the year has begun and expectations for the year ahead. 


SPRING TERM – March Parent Consultations - Early evening meetings lasting 10 minutes, to discuss a child’s achievements and end of year expectations.


SUMMER TERM – July Reports – Written reports summarising the achievements across the year. 


However, if you ever need an informal meeting or simply to speak to your child’s class teacher, you can usually catch us before or after school to arrange this, or make an appointment via the school office.



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