Old Hall Junior School

Old HallJunior School

Year 5 

All the staff in Year 5 would like to extend a 

very warm welcome to our year group.

We are really looking forward to working together for success for each and every child. We have lots of fantastic learning planned for the year ahead and our exciting curriculum will help to inspire and engage all our children and challenge them to fulfil their full potential.  We hope that the children will regularly share these learning experiences with you.


The Year 5 Team

Our Teachers

Miss R Davies (5D) Mrs R Dunnachie (5CD) Mrs R Cauldwell (5CD)


  Our Teaching Assistants   

Miss C Hammond Miss E Warnock Mrs M Moore


PPA Teachers

Our PPA teachers replace class teachers for half a day each week. 

Miss S Scarborough Mrs R Homan



Our Learning This Year 

Let's Explore 




Geography focus

The Amazing Americas


In this topic Y5 will learn about the geography of North and South America.  They study the Amazon River and the river system.  They will learn more about the plants and animals that live in this area and will also find out about the economic activity in this area and the environmental impact of this human activity in this region of the world.  The children will consider the geographical similarities and differences of this region with that of an area of the U.K. They will develop their geographical skills by using maps, atlases and globes as well as digital mapping to study these areas. 

Let's Discover 




History focus

What did the Ancients do for us? 


Learning in this topic is based all around the achievements of the earliest civilizations of our world, including the Ancient Greeks and Mayan civilizations.  During this topic the children will use a wide range of resources to learn more about life in these ancient times, society and beliefs.  They will consider how the achievements of these ancient civilizations have influenced and impacted on the world we live in today

Let's Create  




Art and Science focus

Create Term 


Learning this term  will have a Creative focus.

Science in Year 5


Earth and Space



Properties and changes of materials


Living things and their habitats

Animals including humans

Links for Year 5 Learning


Let's Explore South America




Lonely Planet


South America


Brazil Fact-file


South America


Rainforest Biome (YouTube)




25 Amazon Facts


More Amazon Facts

South American




Let's Explore North America 




Destination World



Explore Canada



Countries of North America




Lonely Planet 



Explore North America






Let's Discover Ancient Greece 


Ancient Greeks


10 facts about Ancient Greece



Groovy Greeks




BBC- Ancient Greece


Ancient Greece Summary


A Day in Ancient Greece


5 Things to Know



Explore this gorgeous map



Greek Gods


Greek Myths



Let's Discover Ancient Maya 




Ancient Maya



Ancient Maya





Mayan facts for kids




Ancient Maya




Mayan buildings





Ancient Maya



Let's be Scientists



The Solar System



What is a force?




Friction and Resistance




The force of gravity








Changing Materials


  Life Cycles



Let's be Mathematicians




Let's improve our English skills




Weekly Overview









Homework due

Homework set




Swimming is always on Friday mornings.  Each class participates in lessons at Queen’s Park for a term and a half.  


PE lessons


PE lessons are usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays and cover a range of skills.  Lessons may be inside or outside depending on the unit being covered and, of course, the weather! 




Teaching is split into half-days on Wednesdays: children will be taught by the PPA teachers, Mrs Homan and Miss Scarborough (R.E, and Music).

Important Information

Times Tables


The expectation is that the children will be fluent in their recall of the times tables facts up to 12 x 12 as well as the corresponding division facts by the time they reach Year 5 and Upper Key Stage Two.  Of course, some children find this easier than others to achieve, therefore regular practise will really help children to learn and retain these key mathematical facts which support them to be fluent in other areas of maths. There are lots of different ways to support children to learn their times tables including singing songs and online games including those provided through school such as Times Tables Rockstars and Doodle Maths.  Links to these sites can be found on this page.



Spellings are set every Friday and tested the following Friday morning.  There are 3 levels of challenge, depending on your child’s ability.  There are usually 6 spellings which may include statutory spellings and those relating to a weekly spelling rule.  Every half term, the children are tested on all the words from that half term. The word-lists in the National Curriculum for years 3 and 4 and years 5 and 6 are statutory. The lists are a mixture of words pupils frequently use in their writing and those which they often misspell. Some of the listed words may be thought of as quite challenging, but the 100 words in each list are taught within the four years of key stage 2 alongside other words that teachers consider appropriate.  For some children approaches such as flash cards, mnemonics and games can help them to learn and retain these more difficult spellings. 

Trips in Year 5

Holmebrook Valley Park


This trip provides and exciting, hands-on introduction to our ‘Rivers’ part of our Explore Term. The children become expect geographers as they map a river bed, chart the flow of the river and dip for aquatic life.

The National Space Centre


Also in the Explore Term , this is a ‘WOW’ day that really engages all the children’s senses as we discover more about our solar system, space exploration the sun and even the weather.  This is an interactive day in which the children can push buttons, predict outcomes, forecast the weather and even drive a research vehicle!

Residential Visit to Whitehall


As part of our Discover Term, the children have the opportunity to take part in our exciting Year 5 Residential.  In line with the National Curriculum’s ‘Outdoor & Adventurous Activities’, our explorers get to orienteer, zip wire, rock climb and even brave the network of caves!