Old Hall Junior School

Old HallJunior School

Year 5

There are two Year Five classes at Old Hall. Mrs Dunnachie /Mrs Cauldwell teach 5CD.  Mrs Fox teaches 5F.

Summer Play Singers.

Here are the songs with the background singing so that you can practise and get pro-ready for the rehearsals and shows next week:

Out in the Forest

Are We Happy?

Robin, Robin Hood

Amen, Amen

Maid Marian's Ladies

What a Man

I'll Make Them Pay

Robin of Locksley

Stop the Fighting

Out in the Forest Finalè



Safer Internet Day - 6th February 2018

Bingo Sheet


100 Books to Read in Years 5 and 6

Have a look through the book list, how many can you read?

Click here

Wonderful Whitehall

What an incredible, amazing and tiring few days we have had!

On Monday 20th March 2017, we went to Whitehall for our 3 day residential, we had waited for this moment all year.  We all had plenty of fun and conquered many fears including abseiling from great heights, caving through dark, small holes, stream scrambling in cold water, night hiking in complete darkness and zip wiring from high platforms. This residential was the BEST! We were all so excited, but it was even better than we ever expected! We had a cooked breakfast every morning, lovely meals in-between and even got a hot chocolate and biscuit before bed! Our behaviour was amazing and we showed fantastic teamwork throughout it all - the staff were very proud of us! We really didn’t want to come home, but we're so excited for Hollowford next year now!

We have made an iMovie, click here to view it. Photos have been added to the galleries page. 

Remember that your Spelling and Maths homework is always set on a Friday and should be returned to school on Thursday of the following week. If you have any problems or questions, please speak to your teacher :)

How You Can Help Your Child At Home Links... (Relating to Report Targets)


Below are some helpful links to help your child with Maths:

* Maths Links click here


Mental Matrices:

Worksheet 1 - click here                        Worksheet 2  - click here

Worksheet 3 - click here                        Worksheet 4 -  click here

Worksheet 5 - click here                        Worksheet 6 - click here

Answer sheet for Worksheets 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 - click here



Below are some link which will help your child develop their writing skills

 *Sentence Skills Examples - click here

* Random Sentence Generator - click here



 The recommended book list for Year 5 can be found here - click here

Fun, Fabulous Fractions!

As part of our Maths learning, we are learning all about equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, ordering fractions as well as comparing fractions, decimals and percentages. Here are some website links to help you get some practise and become even better at recognising fractions. Enjoy!

Equivalent Fractions: http://www.fractionmonkeys.co.uk/activity/

Ordering Fractions using Shapes: http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/mathgames/fractions/Balloons_fractions1.htm

Ordering Fractions using Common Denominatorshttp://www.fuelthebrain.com/games/comparison-shootout/ 

Comparing Fractions: http://www.amblesideprimary.com/ambleweb/mentalmaths/fractotron.html

Get To Know Your Grammar!

SPaG Revision: http://www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/7-11-years/spelling-and-grammar

Get Blogging!

Use your computing skills and get blogging! Your classblogs are set up and ready to use!

Practise Your Times Tables

Here is a multiplication grid to practise your times tables. Create our own grid at home and time yourself filling it in. Can you fill it all in in less than 5 minutes? The challenge is on!! 

Home-School Links

Padlet Class Dojo 5T blog Story Wars
5S blog


Mymaths Abacus Maths and Active Learn Times Tables Games Maths Playground

Topic Links
Earth, Sun, Moon, Space Tudors Rivers North and South America

Useful Math Videos (produced by Old Hall Junior School) 

Adding 100 to a 3 digit number       4 digit divided by 2 digit number
1 decimal place + 2 decimal place       3 digit divided by 1 digit
4 digit + 4 digit       4 digit divided by 1 digit
4 digit + 3 digit number       4d divided by 2d
1 decimal place + 1 decimal place numbers        
5 digit subtract 3 digit       Fraction + fraction = answer greater than 1
2dig with 1dp subtract 1dig with 2dp       Subtracting fractions with same denominator
Whole number (integer) subtract 2 dp number        Integer x mixed number
6 digit subtract 5 digit       Adding fractions with the same denominator
        Fraction divided by integer
        Mixed number subtract fraction (different denominators)
        Fraction x Fraction
2 digit x 1 digit        
2 digit x 2 digit       BODMAS
3 digit number x 100       Finding a multiple of 10%
2 digit divided by 1 digit number       Finding 5% and multiples of 5%
Finding 10% and multiples of 10%        
fraction divided by integer        
1 digit x 1 digit x 1 digit        
Squaring numbers        
2 decimal places x 1 digit number        
Mixed number subtract fraction different denominators        
2 decimal place number x 100        
2 digit x 1 digit number        
Doubling a 3 digit number        
3digit x 2digit