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Year 6

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100 Books to Read in Years 5 and 6

Have a look through the book list, how many can you read?

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Maths Videos (Arithmetic) Produced by Old Hall Junior School

Adding 100 to a 3 digit number       4 digit divided by 2 digit number
1 decimal place + 2 decimal place       3 digit divided by 1 digit
4 digit + 4 digit       4 digit divided by 1 digit
4 digit + 3 digit number       4d divided by 2d
1 decimal place + 1 decimal place numbers        
5 digit subtract 3 digit       Fraction + fraction = answer greater than 1
2dig with 1dp subtract 1dig with 2dp       Subtracting fractions with same denominator
Whole number (integer) subtract 2 dp number        Integer x mixed number
6 digit subtract 5 digit       Adding fractions with the same denominator
        Fraction divided by integer
        Mixed number subtract fraction (different denominators)
        Fraction x Fraction
2 digit x 1 digit        
2 digit x 2 digit       BODMAS
3 digit number x 100       Finding a multiple of 10%
2 digit divided by 1 digit number       Finding 5% and multiples of 5%
Finding 10% and multiples of 10%        
fraction divided by integer        
1 digit x 1 digit x 1 digit        
Squaring numbers        
2 decimal places x 1 digit number        
Mixed number subtract fraction different denominators        
2 decimal place number x 100        
2 digit x 1 digit number        
Doubling a 3 digit number        
3digit x 2digit        

 Y6 Writing Expectations Produced by Old Hall Junior School

(in line with National Curriculum)

Cohesive adverbials Commas for clarity
Colons Coordinating conjunctions
Dashes Dialogue
Full stops Hyphens
Inverted commas Parenthesis
Semi-colons Subordinating conjunctions



Times Tables Games  MyMaths Abacus Maths Khan Academy
Maths Playground

Abacus Help

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(Bug Club)
Word Drop  Spelling Bees

Story Wars

500 Words



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Computing (*Ask permission before downloading)

Scratch *Kodu *Sketch up *Lego Digital Designer


Topic Links

WW2 The Heart and Circulation Biomes Ancient Greece

Interactive Timelines

Primary history site

BBC primary history

WW2 interactive map

Horrible Histories

BBC Bitesize

How your heart works (British Heart Foundation site)

Science website collection

Climate Kids  


New discoveries forum for employees. (6Z)

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