Old Hall Junior School

Old HallJunior School

School Rules & Reward Scheme

Behaviour at Old Hall has always been of a high standard. This year we have decided to make some changes to our behaviour policy and strategies so that it can be even better.

Our aim is to ensure that children are very clear about the school rules and that they know that keeping to the rules results in positive outcomes. We also want them to understand the sanctions that will be applied if they repeatedly break the rules. In addition, we want a behaviour strategy that can be applied consistently by all the adults across the school.

We have therefore decided on just three school rules:-

1.  Be Ready

2.  Be Respectful

3. Be Safe

These three rules can be applied to almost any situation that we encounter in school.

  • Be ready is about being ready to learn and listen. It is about having a positive attitude and approach to all aspects of school life.
  • Be respectful is about politeness, helpfulness, empathy and understanding of others. 
  • Be safe is ensuring that children’s actions don’t endanger or harm themselves or others in any way.


Positive Behaviour

Negative Behaviour

Recognition Board – Children who follow the school rules and go above and beyond, will have their name put on the recognition board in classrooms. They will be given recognition for Achieving, Caring and Enquiring.


ACE Notes – To replace positive notes, these notes will be given to all children when they do something really well.


ACE Points

1.      Children will be awarded house/ace points for any positive behaviour. This can be work, manners, attitude or behaviour etc.

2.      Children will be given a token, which they put into the house point collector (in the hall).

3.      A star can be awarded (one per class) per week for exceptional behaviour, work or attitude. These gold stars are worth 5 points.

4.      Year 6s will count the house points as one of their jobs every Friday.

5.      The house with the most house points each week will have 15 minutes extra playtime on a Friday afternoon. Mrs Stone to supervise.

6.      The house points will accumulate over a half term. The team with the most house points at the end of the half term, will enjoy a non-uniform day on a Friday.


Ace Pupil of the Week – A child will be selected per class each week.


Cake with Mrs Stone – We have a focus on high expectations in work. Fortnightly, a child from each class will be invited for cake with Mrs Stone where they can show their wonderful work and books.


Class Treat – As a class, children can work together to achieve a treat for their class. Always on a Friday and maximum of three times a year.

If a child uses unkind hands or feet, says unkind words or doesn’t follow our school rules a sanction will be given:


1.      A warning will be given.  If a warning are given, a child misses the following break time and completes the behaviour reflection sheet in the hall.

2.      If three warnings are given in a half-term period, a phone call to parents should be made and this should be recorded on CPOMs. Please ensure that you tick the Contact with Parents box.

3.      If children receive two warnings in one week (and they are in the winning house), they miss their extra playtime.


If negative behaviour continues, strategies and sanctions will be put in place by the Senior Leadership Team.