Old Hall Junior School

Old HallJunior School

Safeguarding Information

Old Hall Junior School Safeguarding Information

Designated Safeguarding Lead : Sharon Stone (Head Teacher -  01246 273801)

Deputy DSL : Rachel Davies (Deputy Headteacher) – 01246 273801

Safeguarding School Champion: Philip Mallon

Anti-bullying School Champion : Penny Pennington

Chair of School Champion Board: Penny Pennington

Online Safety Lead : Sharon Stone (Head Teacher -  01246 273801)

Deputy Online Safety Lead : Rachel Davies (Deputy Head) -  01246 273801)


If at any point you or your child wish to speak to the school about behaviour or bullying, our anti-bullying co-ordinator is Lauren Thomas 


Additional contact numbers:

LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer - Miles Dent (Tel: 01629 531940)

Starting Point : 01629 533 190    (www.derbyshire.gov.uk/startingpoint)

Derbyshire Safeguarding Childrens Board - https://www.derbyshirescb.org.uk/

DCC Child Protection/ Safeguarding Team:   01629 532178

Derbyshire Police 101- can route non urgent referrals through to the PREVENT Team